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CC 202

CC 202 locomotive is a locomotive made ​​by General Motors, Canadian Generic name as G26MC-2U. CC202 locomotive is heaviest locomotive in Indonesia is 108 tons and is the sibling SD40 locomotive in America.

This locomotive has the technical specifications and the special characteristics to attract a freight train. Locomotive fleet is only found in South Sumatra to serve the rail transport of coal. This locomotive numbered 48 pieces and is in the locomotive depot Tanjung Karang (Parent Dipo KNP). In April 2003, the depot was the arrival of nine pieces of CC202 locomotive, and the current total to 48 units.

This locomotive engine-power of 2250 HP, but is limited to 2000HP with this locomotive wheel arrangement is Co 'Co'. That is, this locomotive has two bogies in which each has three drive shaft bogienya

History of arrival

This locomotive was originally brought in the Railway Service Enterprise which is around 1986 and purchased directly from General Motors, the United States. In the initial batch, 202 CC comes with a number of 15 pieces and immediately assigned to train babaranjang. At the start of operation of this locomotive carriages attracted 50-60 babaranjang but was reduced to 40 cars due to the engine. Then in 1990 and 1995 imported more CC 18 202 numbered pieces. Then followed the 2001 total of 4 pieces. Then in 2002 as many as 2 pieces and the last in 2009 as many as nine locomotives from EMD, Canada.


202 CC engine is a EMD 16-645E with 16 cylinders so that the locomotive is a locomotive 202 CC single cylinder only by the number 16. EMD 645E engine type is terhandal machine ever built by EMD. From the early 1970s until 2011, EMD 645E engine still made ​​even though now confined to consumer demand. 645E engine became the best-selling engine since the EMD SD40-2 locomotives luncurkannya highly reliable, tough, and durable. This is evidenced by the strong pull 42 carriages 202 CC with a maximum speed of 80km babaranjang / H.



1.The width gauge (track gauge) 1067 mm

2.17 678 mm body length

3.The distance between the coupling means 18 942 mm

4.The width of the body (body) -

5.The maximum height 3683 mm

6.Distance axle 3632 mm

7.The distance between the pivot 11 404 mm diameter drive wheel 1016

9.The diameter of the wheel idle -

10.Height 759 mm coupling device


1.Empty weight -

2.Weight ready 108 tons

3.108 ton Weight Adhesion


1.Type GM 645 E, 16-cylinder

2.Type 2 steps

3.The HP 2250 machines

4.Power to Generator / Converter 2000 HP

> MOTOR traction / CONVERTER

1.Number of traction motors 6

2.Type D-29 traction motors, direct current

3.Gear ratio 63: 14

4.generator type AR 6 QAD - D14, alternating current


1.A maximum speed of 80 km / h

2.The maximum tensile force (adhesion) 22 680 kgf

3.V min of continuous 14 km / h

4.The smallest radius of curvature 80 m

> capacity

1.3800 lt Fuel

2.920 liters lubricating oil

3.Cooling water 832 lt

4.Sand 340 lt


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